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Refer-a-Friend: how it works

Due to continuous growth, we at Enteractive are always looking for more talented individuals to grow our teams. We are looking for top notch talent, and what better way to find the best of the best than though talented individuals such as yourself!?

We have therefore started to run a “Refer-a-Friend” initiative, giving you the opportunity to earn a reward worth €250 per referral. 

If you have some brilliant people in your network looking for a new opportunity, let us know, and if we hire your referral, you will earn a reward worth €250 once the candidate completes their probation period with Enteractive.

To take part in the “Refer-a-Friend” initiative please upload their CV though our recruitment portal, directly to the open position your referral wishes to apply for. To ensure each application is attributed to you, please add “Referral €250”, your name, email and telephone number in the cover letter box (see below).

Please reach out to us on jobs@enteractive.se for more information.


Terms and conditions:


1. Please note that if the person you would like to refer is already in our system for less than 6 months, you will be informed that you will not be eligible to participate in the “Refer-a-Friend” initiative.

2. The reward (€250 value) will only be provided after the candidate completes their probation period.

3. You can only refer candidate that are aware of that you submit their application.

4. Terms and conditions apply at all the times.


Earn a reward of €250 per referral.


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